Terms and conditions

General definitions
The tenant: the person (m/f) who rents the house to his or her name.
The landlord: the owner of the house or his representative.
The site: the website www.casarosalia.nl
The rental contract means an agreement for the rental of the casa, which much have been concluded between tenant and owner.

Booking and Cancellation
You will exclusively be able to rent Casa Rosalia via booking on the internet. The booking will be confirmed with a request for payment. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of the confirmation of the booking.

Upon receipt of the deposit, the booking is officially confirmed and the rental is settled. If there are any cancellations by the tenant after the confirmation, the payment will be fully refunded.

If canceled by tenant up to 2 months prior to arrival date, a fee of 30% of the rent (costs and down payment excluded) will be set. For cancellation within two to one month before arrival date, a fee of 60% of the rent will be set. Cancellation within one month before arrival date to the first day of rental period, a fee of 90% of the rent wil be set.
From the first day of hire or later this fee is the full rent.

The calculated minimum stay is one week.
After consultation, shorter stays with a custom departure time are of course possible.

The rental charge (including deposit) will be paid via bank transfer.

The down payment is 30% and must be paid within 7 days of confirmation of the reservation and the remaining amount must be paid 4 weeks before arrival.

Upon bookings with arrival within 4 weeks, the full rental amount must be paid at once.

If failed to comply the payment after the 1st reminder, the reservation will be canceled without any obligation to repay a down payment that was already paid.

Leaving earlier than planned – no matter reason or cause – does not mean a refund of any amount of paid rent nor costs for cleaning.

If the landlord is forced to cancel the lease (due to compelled selling of the house etc), he will inform the tenant and will be obliged to immediate reimbursement of amounts already paid. The tenant has no right other than the recovery of this amount.

The tenant pays a deposit in the form of surety of € 300, -.

From this deposit any amount can be withdrawn by the landlord if the tenant, his fellow tenants, visitors or pets caused any damage to the property, inventory and/or the environment or if the payment commitments are not met.

The final check on any potential damage will be done after the departure of the tenant.
If there is no need for deductions, the (remain of) deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the departure date after the end of the reservation period.

The house is not to be rented to anyone under 21 years. Without accompanying elderly access to the house will be refused upon arrival. When in doubt, the administrator can ask for identification. In case of violation, the tenant will be summoned to leave the house immediately. Amounts paid are non-refundable.

The tenant remains liable for damage he caused, even if the damage is determined after the end of the stay.

The tenant is liable for his (non) actions and the actions of his fellow tenants and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause.

Tenant must be insured against third-party liability.

The tenant accepts that he or she can invoke no liability of the owner for damage and/or loss of income due to tenant, his co-tenants or visitors, goods or pets during the stay.

Complaints by the tenant that result from not comply between the house or inventory compared to the description on the site or the poor condition of the house or the garden on arrival of the tenant shall, within 24 hours of arrival be reported to the manager and/or owner.

The landlord accepts no liability for damage the tenant and/or his co-tenants and/or visitors  or their possession are experiencing as a result of his stay in the house, pool or surrounding garden/land.

Number of persons
The number of people that may stay at Casa Rosalia is a maximum of 6 persons and must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

When exceeding, the rental agreement is legally considered as dissolved and the access to the house will be refused or denied, without refund or compensation.

The cost of the (compulsory) final cleaning is € 150, -.

Pets are allowed, only after consultation with the owner, and if previously is reported in the reservation.

Arrival and departure times
The arrival time is from 15:00 pm. Arrival time must be clearly communicated with the owner before leaving, regarding the appointment with the key keeper.

Departure time  is by 10:00 am.

The tenant must adhere strictly to these times unless otherwise agreed and stipulated otherwise in advance.

If the tenant does exceed the departure time, a subsequent rental period will be charged and all resulting costs and possible claims of following tenants are for the account of the exceeding tenant.

Responsibilities and obligations
In relation with the smooth running of the stay the tenant is required to comply with the guidelines of landlord and manager and the tenant legally liable for the damage that would result from its unlawful behavior or non-compliance with the guidelines of this Terms and Conditions.

The tenant respects the rented house including furniture and its environment, including noise levels in the area.

The tenant is required to provide access to home or garden for necessary repairs, and gardening and pool maintenance.

The tenant must leave all domestic appliances such as washing machine, oven or dishwasher, clean and empty on departure. Failure to meet this can cost extra.

Use of audio, video and household equipment is subject to good operation.

In Casa Rosalia there is a house rule book . The tenant has to read and follow these rules.

January 2017